Would You Like to Volunteer?

Become a part of the magic! Opera Idaho is looking for Opera lovers who want to work behind the scenes and volunteer to help bring the Opera to life!

As an Opera Idaho volunteer, you will have the opportunity to …

  • Participate in committees
  • Attend and assist at Opera Idaho special events
  • Plan signature events and fundraisers
  • Assist with various office tasks
  • Meet professional opera stars
  • Usher at select opera productions

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Form at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer of the Year

Once a year, the staff chooses a volunteer that goes above and beyond to help wherever needed.

2022-2023 Sue Hebert
2021-2022 Janny Wing
2020-2021 Carol L. Montgomery
2019-2020 Bae Emilson
2018-2019 Heather, Casidee, & Abygail Ballantyne
2017-2018 Carla Fromm & Ellen McKinney
2016-2017 Susan Jones
2015-2016 Ivana Gigante
2014-2015 Regina Montenegro
2013-2014 Rose-Marie & Max Bearden and Alize Norman
2012-2013 Vicke Lee
2011-2012 Mike Stanton
2010-2011 Trish Ebsworth and Marvin Hansen
2009-2010 Dan Monasterio & Eric Jones
2008-2009 Jimsi Kuborn and Stan Fornander
2007-2008 Bernadette Bonaminio
2006-2007 Leslie Garrett

Volunteer Form

    HousingData entryMailingsPhone CallingSpecial events & fundraisersAuctions items (solicit from merchants)

    WeekendsWeekdaysDay timeLunch onlyAfter work/evenings

    Thank You to Our Volunteers!

    Last season was very successful for Opera Idaho, and that is in large part due to our dedicated group of local volunteers. Below is the list of individuals who have helped us in the last two years (updated August 2023)

    Jackie Agenbroad
    Harriet Almerico
    Bret Amideo
    Benjamin Arroyo
    Melissa Bagwell
    Abygail Ballantyne
    Casidee Ballantyne
    Heather Ballantyne
    Moriya Ballantyne
    Dia Bassett
    Kathleen Beynun
    Phoebe Boelter
    Shelby Boice
    Sue Bolen
    Matias Bronner
    Marty Brookman
    Laura C. Simic
    Willis Carr
    Ilona Copeland
    Elaine Crawford
    Glenna Crawforth
    Laura DeLaney
    Jason Detwiler
    Michele Detwiler
    Bill Drake
    Kim Easter
    Bae Emilson
    Delaney Fogdall
    Stan Fornander
    Geoffrey Friedley
    Carla Fromm
    Kent Gardner
    Leslie Garrett
    Marshall Garrett
    Lee Gientke
    Dean Hahn
    Brett Hamilton
    Katie Hansen
    Kay Hardy
    Sue Hebert
    Lisa Hecht
    Patty Henry
    Helena Howell
    Chris Huntley
    Nicole Jackson
    David Jauquet
    Rebecca Jauquet
    Jabree Jivens
    Effie Kaufman
    Ray Kaufman
    Melanie Keller
    Alexander Klatt
    Vicki Kreimeyer
    Holly Larabee
    Larry Leasure
    Vicke Lee
    Walt Lee
    Marina Lukyantseva-Haworth
    Carol MacGregor, PhD
    Jordan Mardis
    Barbara Martin-Sparrow
    Lynne Mattison
    Elena McCully
    Teresa McCully
    Ellen McKinney
    Lee Miller
    Lori Miller-Sieckert
    Regina Montenegro
    Betty Munis
    Barbara Myhre
    Nancy Nelson
    Leta Neustaedter
    Carol Nie
    Gizella O’Neil
    Brooklyn Oppie
    Sonja Oppie
    Troy Oppie
    Krista Oppie Johnson
    Kim O’Sullivan
    Andy Owczarek
    Rob Perez
    Connie Poiser
    Dan Popkey
    Tamar Raymond
    Amanda Recla
    Jed Reese
    Bonnie Salewski
    Adrian San Miguel
    John Schied
    Jeffrey Seppala
    Chuck Slaughter
    Aviana Smith
    Jeffrey Smith
    Roger Sparrow
    Victoria Sunderland
    Pam Thomas
    Mark Thompson
    Patty Thomsen
    Bonnie Tonning
    Emilio Velarde
    Kryston Velarde
    Jayne Walker
    Jenna Whitlock
    Bill Wilkinson
    Janny Wing
    Quinn Wing
    Shawna Yant
    Jonathan Yoshizaki 
    Glenn Zausmer
    Michelle Zausmer
    Janell Zuckerman

    We routinely acknowledge our volunteers in printed materials – if you do not want to be listed, please let us know as well.