Roméo et Juliette

By Charles Gounod
Sung in French, with English surtitles

Sunday, February 25, 2024 • 2:30 pm
The Morrison Center

He’s a Montague and she’s a Capulet — families who have hated each other for centuries. Yet when Romeo meets Juliet, they fall instantly and rapturously in love. Secretly, they marry — but Shakespeare’s famed young couple is ultimately doomed. Everything that could have been is lost as they die tragically in each other’s arms. 

The world’s most celebrated love story finds new dimension in Gounod’s deeply romantic music. This is passion personified, from tender intimacy to ecstatic grandeur, including five iconic love duets and soaring music for the chorus and orchestra.

Cast & Chorus

Cecilia Violetta López

Ben Gulley

Jeffrey Seppala
Frère Laurent

Adelmo Guidarelli Compte Capulet

Jason Detwiler

Cornelia Lotito

Michele Detwiler

Nicholas Cravens Tybalt

Anders Tobiason

Gregory Watts

Katia Hayati
Le Duc de Vérone

Brayden Olson

Soprano: Melissa Bagwell, Kristen Dittman, Katie Hansen, Sarah Kelly, Janell Zuckerman
Mezzo-soprano: Veronica Blake, Anthea Fisher, Roberta Harriff, Hannah Lee, Shelby DeBoard-Ulrich
Tenor: Cody Bray, Nicholas Cravens, Alexander Hill, Marcus Lawrence, Raydel Perez
Bass: Nik Dumas, Jesse Kaye, Erik Noyce, Brayden Olson, Anders Tobiason, Gregory Watts

Annah Detwiler, Darin Vickery

Creative Team & Crew

Andy Anderson

Jennifer Williams

Production Manager: Diana Cayler • Stage Manager: Keri Muir • Assistant Stage Manager: Carlyn Jones • Intimacy Director/Movement: Jaime Nebeker • Fight Director: Davey Collins • Rehearsal Accompanist: Betsi Hodges • Chorus Master/Titles Operator: Kelly Kaye • Chorus Rehearsal Pianist: Liz Weed • Orchestra Contractor: Melanie Keller • Technical Director/Scenic Co-Designer: Nico Hewitt • Scenic Co-Designer: James Haycock • Costume Designer: Danielle Adkins • Hair & Makeup Designer: Danyale Cook • Props Master: Rachael Fry • Lighting Designer: Carolina Ortiz • Master Carpenter: Chris Pedersen • Scenic Charge: AmandaLynn Lovewell • Scenic Painter: Arabella Lytton Gay • Stitcher/Lead Dresser: Teresa Sorensen • Dresser: Melody Sharp, Beth Wallace • Hair & Makeup Artist: Tawny Fox, Melissa Morgan, Blayke Secord, Kristina Sharp, Danielle Smith, Amanda Woods

Opera Idaho Orchestra
Violin I: Brendan Shea1, Kathy Stutzman, Lauren Folkner, Anna-Marie Vargas, Jessica Harned, Erin Held
Violin II: Dawn Douthit2, Paula Stern, Heather Calkins, Katherine Dickeson, Alex Hastings, Colleen Schoeck
Viola: Linda Kline2, KeAndra Harris, Lydia Montague, Adele Rosen
Cello: Micah Claffey2, Stephen Mathie, Phillip Kettler, Lisa Cooper
Bass: Chris Ammarati2, Ryan Petriello
Flute: Melanie Keller2, Nicole Molumby
Oboe: Ryan Klein2, Lauren Blackerby
Clarinet: Bryn Huntington2, Carmen Izzo
Bassoon: Janelle Oberbillig2, Donovan Schatz
Horn: Brian Vance2, Mark Givens, Ethan Hiner-Stolhand, Sean Pogue
Trumpet: Derek Ganong2, Randy Bauer
Trombone: Sarah Paradis2, Luke Strother, Paul Lynch
Timpani: Matthew Grady
Percussion: Alan Salvador
Keyboard (Organ/Harp): Chad Spears 

1 Concert master, 2 Principal

Production Sponsors

Kay Hardy &
Gregory Kaslo

Orchestra sponsored by:
Melinda & Phillip Sander, Esther Simplot 
Mihaela Bozdog & Steve Mills, Sharon Christoph, Claire Fenton & James Fullinwider
Vicke & Walt Lee, Karen & Christopher Meyer, Betty Munis & David New



Verona, Italy. A chorus tells of the endless feud between the Montague and Capulet families, and of the love of their children, Roméo and Juliette.


At a masked ball at the Capulet palace, Juliette’s cousin Tybalt assures Count Pâris that Juliette, who has been promised to him, will enchant him. Capulet presents his daughter to the guests and invites them to dance. Mercutio and Roméo, a Montague, have donned masks to sneak into the ball, together with other friends. Roméo tells them about a strange dream he has had, but Mercutio dismisses it as the work of the fairy Queen Mab. Roméo watches Juliette dance and instantly falls in love with her. Juliette explains to her nurse, Gertrude, that she has no interest in marriage, but when Roméo approaches her in a quiet moment, both feel that they are meant for each other. Just as they discover each other’s identities, Tybalt happens upon them and recognizes Roméo. Capulet prevents him from attacking Roméo, who, with his friends, beats a hasty retreat.


Later that night, Roméo enters the Capulets’ garden, looking for Juliette. When she steps out onto her balcony, he declares his love. Servants briefly interrupt their encounter. When they are alone once again, Juliette assures Roméo that she will be his forever.


Roméo visits Frère Laurent in his cell and confesses his love for Juliette. Shortly thereafter, she also appears with Gertrude. Hoping that their love might reconcile their families, Frère Laurent marries them.

Outside the Capulet palace, Roméo’s page, Stéphano, sings a song about a turtledove imprisoned in a nest of vultures. This angers several of the Capulets. Mercutio comes to Stéphano’s aid, but soon Tybalt challenges him to fight. Roméo steps between them and asks Tybalt to forget about the hatred between their families. Tybalt has nothing but scorn for him, and when he kills Mercutio in their duel, Roméo slays Tybalt. The Duke of Verona appears and, after partisans of both families demand justice, exiles Roméo.


Roméo and Juliette have spent their secret wedding night in her room. She forgives him for killing Tybalt. The newlyweds passionately declare their love as day is dawning. They can hardly bring themselves to say goodbye. After Roméo has left, Capulet appears, together with Frère Laurent, and announces to his daughter that she is to marry Pâris that same day. Desperate, Juliette turns to Frère Laurent, who gives her a potion that will make her appear to be dead. He promises that she will awaken with Roméo beside her. Love lends Juliette courage: She overcomes her fear and drinks the poison.


Roméo arrives at the Capulets’ crypt. Discovering Juliette’s body, he believes her to be dead and drinks poison. At that moment, she awakens, and the lovers share a final dream of a future together. As Roméo grows weaker, Juliette takes a dagger from his belt and stabs herself. The lovers die praying for God’s forgiveness.

Trigger & Content Warning: This show contains flashing lights that may trigger seizures or discomfort for those sensitive to visual stimuli. Viewer discretion is advised.

Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13. According to the film classification rating guidelines, this production is rated PG-13 for depictions of mature content, adult themes, sensuality, violence, suicide, and drug and alcohol use. This production contains choreographed fighting with knives, murder, self-harm, and artificial blood use. 

Please click here to download and review a list of mature content that will be seen throughout the performance before bringing any children who are under the age of 13.