Opera Idaho

Our Goal

$200,000 By November 30, 2023 (our official 50th birthday) … increased from $150,000 thanks to a additional $25,000 generous donation match.

We plan to engage long-time supporters to donate an amount above and beyond what they normally would each year, and encourage other opera lovers to donate for the first time.

Benefits of Supporting Opera Idaho’s 50th Anniversary

  • Recognition as a 50th Campaign Champion in program inserts and season programs (for donations of $500 or more)
  • Pride in investing in Opera Idaho’s future
  • Confidence in continued quality programming and accessible educational outreach

Opera Idaho in our Community

For more information, please contact Development Director Carly Oppie at 208-345-3531 ext. 4 or at carly@operaidaho.org. 

“Opera is storytelling at its most vivid. It deals directly with the most primary of human themes: life, love, death, loss, passion, and joy. It can make us see, feel and hear the world in different ways. It offers a reflection of who we are, how we relate to others, and what it means, individually and collectively, to be human.” –Richard Mantle, General Director, Opera North, United Kingdom and David Poutney, Artistic Director, Welsh National Opera

Opera Idaho’s Next 50 Years

Opera Idaho is one of the broadest-reaching arts organizations in Idaho with performances, educational programs, children’s choruses, and community activities that reach more than 40,000 individuals each year. Over the past 15 years, the number of audience members has increased by more than 40%. Acceptance, appreciation, and enjoyment of opera is spreading to more diverse audiences through inclusive and creative events in non-traditional venues like Julia Davis Park, wineries, hotel lobbies, and a National Guard Airforce Base in the fall of 2023. As Idaho and the Treasure Valley grow, so does the imperative for Opera Idaho to keep up with the demand for our increasingly diverse and sophisticated state.

Why Give in Celebration of 50 Years?

By giving, you are helping secure the next 50 years of bringing opera to Idaho. As is standard with most non-profit arts organizations, ticket revenue covers only about 30% of the cost of Opera Idaho’s productions and programs. Philanthropic support is critical to grow and diversify the all-encompassing art form that is opera (a type of music that is not taught in public schools).